Honors Student Spotlight: Austin Byrom

By S. Jordan Montgomery

Austin Byrom

Austin Byrom is currently a senior at Grand Canyon University majoring in government and legal studies. Austin lives on campus and has served his community by being a life leader his sophomore year and a resident assistant (R.A.) his last two years. He currently serves as an R.A. in freshman housing in the Grove.

Austin is a passionate Honors College student who is excited to announce his post-graduation plan. Austin has accepted a position at Baylor University’s Law School and will begin his J.D. degree this upcoming May. He has fervently worked hard in school and was awarded an extremely generous scholarship for his academics and involvement in his undergraduate program. Austin has thoroughly enjoyed his experience at GCU and highly recommends it. One of his favorite classes has been the major author class, English 400. He did his final project on Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, which he found fascinating.

His sophomore year, Austin won a $3,000 scholarship from the Honors College, which he was able to renew annually, a reward for his hard work in the community. Overall, he enjoyed the honors curriculum and the mandatory classes, such as “A Ripple in the Pond,” a university introduction course required for every honors freshman. He’s made numerous friends through the Honors College and was able to create a community for himself. Overall, the Honors College assisted Austin in his critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning and personal development. Austin is appreciative of the opportunity to have been enrolled in the Honors College in much of the same way we appreciate everything he’s done for his community!

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