Honors Student Spotlight: Jessica Symmes

By Cathleen Daly

Jessica Symmes dancing at a GCU game

Balance is a skill that is needed both on and off the dance floor for GCU freshman, nursing major, Dance Team member and honors student, Jessica Symmes.

“If busy is good and really busy is better, dance team and honors are a great combination!” Symmes said enthusiastically.

Symmes, a Phoenix resident, began dancing at the age of two, and by age eight she was dancing competitively. GCU was an easy choice for Symmes because of the opportunity it provided for her to grow in her career, faith and dance aspirations.

“The minute I walked on the GCU campus, I fell in love. The mixture of an outstanding nursing program and an awesome dance team – both built on the foundation of faith – is a winning combination,” Symmes expressed.

Symmes’ first year with GCU has been full of firsts, starting with this past summer. Along with the GCU Dance Team, Symmes attended her first USA Dance Camp where she was able to further develop her dance skills from learning a variety of choreography styles through participating in workshops and master classes.

While at USA Dance Camp, Symmes proved that she was a standout talent when she won the Dance Star award. To achieve this award, Symmes performed through a rigorous three-round audition process with several eliminations that involved group and solo jazz combinations as well as various choreography challenges. Symmes shined and made the cut each time.

“I have enjoyed being able to express my spirit for GCU through performance,” Symmes shared. “I am so thankful I get to do what I love every day and be supported by an awesome athletic program and dedicated coaching staff.”

After GCU, Symmes plans on continuing her dancing while also working as a nurse; her biggest dream is to dance on Broadway. Before Symmes makes it big on Broadway, she’s loving and thriving in the structure and clear-cut goals that come with a busy schedule. Yet, she still manages to find time for some nightly frozen yogurt runs and karaoke with the girls (practically sisters) on Dance Team.

Jessica Symmes is an example of an exemplary student who is doing just that. Her hard work is clearly paying off, and she still remains humble and thankful to all those who have brought her to where she is now. Keep up the fantastic work, Jessica!

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