Honors Student Spotlight: Kara Morrow

By Dom Pachuilo

Kara Morrow

“In order to know what you want to do in the future, you must get out there and try as many things as you can. As you experience new things, you will make connections you never imagined and it may open doors to opportunities you never expected.” (GCU Honors Student Kara Morrow)

Grand Canyon University honors student and senior Kara Morrow is an experience enthusiast – and this summer she took the next footstep in furthering her professional career. She has a plethora of avenues to pursue after college and, with this in mind, she went on an adventure to discover her true passion within her field of study as a history major. Her journey began in Minneapolis at the Hennepin History Museum.

As Kara began to research internships, she had a clear-cut mindset to accelerate: She wasn’t searching for monetary value. In fact, her internship was purely voluntary. Historical institutions rely heavily on volunteers and Kara looked to fill that void. As a volunteer at the Hennepin History Museum, she collaborated with fellow interns to accomplish a daunting task: catalog over 50,000 historical items.

Kara’s intern team was responsible for recording numerous details that allow for an online documenting system to be created. Each of the 50,000 artifacts must be tagged with a specific identification number, picture and artifact information. Once this project is completed, each artifact can be found with ease.

Through her time spent at the Hennepin History Museum, Kara learned how much work happens behind-the-scenes to keep a museum in full operation, gained extensive experience on the effort it takes to catalogue museum artifacts and gained knowledge of United States history.

This was a summer fully dedicated to hone in her future occupation.

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