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GCU students at GCBC

Grand Canyon University is excited to welcome the new class of 2020 to campus for the 2016-17 academic year. We’re proud to stand out as Arizona’s private, premier Christian university with a growing, vibrant campus. Here students have unique opportunities to pursue their academic goals and gain rewarding college experiences. And to meet our 21st century workforce demands with prepared professionals, we are committed to providing your students, possible future GCU Lopes, with the following:

Start Strong, Finish Strong

Student success and wellbeing are top priorities at GCU. We go above and beyond to help our students prepare for the career of their dreams, as well as live happily and healthily during their GCU experience. Our Student Services Advisors (SSAs) serve as support throughout the college career to ensure students continue to meet requirements and graduate on time. At the GCU Lounge, Learning Advocates (LEADs) provide academic assistance to help students with challenging coursework. Our Lopes Living Well and Lopes Support Network programs offer professional and peer support that can help students cope with struggles, from anxiety and depression to stress and homesickness. Career Services also connects students with internship and career opportunities to gain real-world experiences and build workplace-ready skill sets.

Early Graduation

Our goal is to prepare students to successfully enter the 21st century workforce with excellent career-readiness. For many students, the earlier, the better. That’s why we offer fast-track options for students to accelerate their educational path toward graduation and enter their career sooner.

Low Student Debt

Finances deter many students from pursuing a college degree. In response, GCU helps make a college education accessible by offering generous scholarships and grants. On average, a student qualifies for approximately $8,200 in scholarships and grants for the academic year, which reduces tuition by about half.

Home Away From Home

We want GCU to feel like a second home for our students. We go to great measures to provide students with a safe and comfortable environment to live, learn and enjoy. These include on-duty public safety officers, blue light phones to call for an emergency, the RAVE system to inform students by broadcast text if there is a campus emergency and TIPS to report any issues. We also uphold Title IX to provide a community free from gender or sexual discrimination.

At GCU, we understand that a quality college education may be out of reach—even intimidating—for students with big dreams and potential. Yet, we believe all deserve the opportunity to pursue an education and gain exceptional learning experiences. Our purpose is to stay committed to providing academic resources, early graduation options, scholarship opportunities and a safe learning environment to help make academic excellence and career preparation more accessible for our future Lopes.

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