Time for a New Spring Symposium!

GCU Honors students in front of their symposium project By Angela Bratt Posted on January 23, 2018  in  [ GCU Experience ]

The time is quickly approaching for our Spring Symposium! Every spring, the Grand Canyon University Honors College hosts an annual symposium, providing honors students with the opportunity to collaborate with one another on projects alongside a faculty member and compete for a scholarship.

This year, the Honors College changed the symposium format. Freshmen will meet on two Saturdays to be assigned a project led by a faculty member. Upperclassmen are able to pick and choose how they’d like to participate: Individuals can fulfill their symposium credit by studying abroad, going on a mission’s trip, working at an internship or collaborating on a project under the Project Management Fellowship, among many others.

The Honors College is focused on providing our students with the opportunity to grow in their experience and education through the symposium. We have students who are working on a servant leadership development course, making prosthetics for third world countries, developing revolutionary bandage technology, traveling to other countries to study abroad and interning at companies across the nation. This year’s symposium opens up a lot of opportunities and we’re excited to see everything come together!

GCU’s Honors College gives ambitious and motivated students the opportunity to find their purpose. Learn more by visiting our website or clicking the Request More Information button on this page.

Angela Bratt

Angela Bratt

Marketing Major, Honors College
Angela is a student in the GCU Honors College from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, working out, hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, cooking and working.
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