United by Purpose: Safety in Phoenix

police lights

Many people are fortunate enough to not have to give their security and safety a second thought. However, for the community surrounding Grand Canyon University, poverty and crime have been the norm. Watch this video to learn about Grand Canyon University’s partnership with the Phoenix Police Department, and our goal of community transformation, which we call United by Purpose.

At Grand Canyon University, we believe that safety is a fundamental right for our surrounding neighborhoods and should be considered a necessity, not a luxury beyond reach. The path toward this goal is where the true partnership between GCU and the Phoenix Police Department comes in.

By connecting investment with a vision of new prosperity, GCU has been able to successfully address the problems and concerns of West Phoenix. After considering the assets GCU could invest to benefit the community, we chose a location that was one of the city’s worst crime areas, but also had immense potential. This once dangerous Phoenix corner was transformed into a developing and successful place of employment through the renovated GCU hotel, Canyon 49 Grill and Restaurant, parking garage and major office complex.

GCU’s newly designed golf course and growing campus with contemporary facilities serve as growth landmarks for the Canyon Corridor. Other investments and local partnerships, working together, continue to collaborate to solve crime problems and reach community goals and values.

Though the concerns and problems that exist in West Phoenix have not disappeared, the perception of safety is greater than ever. Also, ongoing change can be expected as the community continues to progress in a new and exciting direction. It is thanks to people working together to improve the community that we have this new mission of positive transformation leading the unfolding, West Phoenix story.

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