You Are Honors Bound

By Dom Pachuilo

Students studying at a table

At the Honors College, we are often asked questions like, “Why should I join honors?” and “What is in it for me?” These questions are extremely hard to answer because each student is looking for an answer that is attractive to their specific interests. As you hear the words “honors,” a lot of mixed thought and emotions may enter your mind. More work. Book worms. Nerds. These are the stereotypes that detour students from joining an Honors College.

As our team frantically attempts to convince students what honors truly means, there is not enough time to cater an answer to each individual. I will tell you this. Every individual, no matter their background, will benefit from being a part of an honors community.

At the Grand Canyon University Honors College, we pride ourselves on student success and development. As you investigate the culture at GCU, you will quickly see that every project, sports team and new initiative has honors fingerprints all over it. Honors students excel not only because of brain power or book reading, but also because of their tenacity and grit. Honors students push past their current limits because they understand failure is an option and will often happen. Distressing situations are attractive because honors students understand if you are comfortable, you are not growing. Growth derives from discomfort.

Honors students are forward thinkers. Leaders. Athletes. Project managers. Entrepreneurs. Together, they have a common aspiration to excel and examine their lives for meaning. It does not take a high IQ or an avid reader to become honors bound. It takes compassion and the ability to focus on activities that truly matter. Take a leap. Embrace new challenges. You have what it takes. What are you waiting for?

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Grand Canyon University’s Honors College is designed to uniquely equip graduates to become champions of change and exemplary servant leaders. For details on the enhanced curriculum that we offer, please visit the Honors College website or use the Request More Information button on this page.

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