Your Pre-College Summertime To-Do List

Future GCU students gathered in the Arena

You’ve made it through high school and have been accepted into a university. Now what? Keep reading for a summertime to-do list that can help you prepare for your first fall semester of college:

Attend School Orientation

Becoming familiar with your school as early as possible is an excellent way to get your college experience off to a good start. Attend a university orientation session to get a first look at your dorm and learn your way around campus before school even starts!

Explore the Website

Your university’s website is a goldmine of information about the institution, and familiarizing yourself with this resource can make it easier to navigate later. Over the course of the summer, peruse the site’s pages, get to know its layout and explore information about your new school.

Contact Your Roommate

If you’ll be sharing your room with one or more roommates, then reach out to them through email, Facebook or another platform if they don’t contact you first. You can learn a bit about one another, set some ground rules and determine what furniture items you’ll each bring.

Prepare Your Furnishings

Once you know what your roommates will be bringing, you’ll have a better idea of what you should pick up before the fall semester. Some items for you to consider include new bedding, lamps and room décor.

Collect School Supplies

Before classes begin, be sure that you have all the necessary supplies to give the semester a smooth start. Some examples include a laptop or tablet, study or notetaking supplies, a new backpack and books for your classes.

Stay Mentally Active

Don’t let summer brain drain impact your first semester of college. Instead, read a novel, take a class or familiarize yourself with some of the books that you picked up for your upcoming classes.

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