Prepare for a Career in the Medical Field With a Biology Degree

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Grand Canyon University’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers STEM degrees that help you find your purpose in a rapidly growing field. We offer engineering and technology degrees to help meet demands for today’s workforce, as well as a pre-professional biology degree that helps you prepare for graduate studies in the medical field. Explore the emphasis areas in our biology degree to learn more:


GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Medicine prepares students to advance into a medical degree program by teaching them how to maintain patient health and wellness. To expand their knowledge, students study a broad range of subjects such as sociology, psychology, ethical principles in healthcare, global issues and Christian values. The extensive coursework provides students with a balanced view of the skills and knowledge that are necessary to succeed in the medical field.

As students successfully complete the program, they will be prepared to seek employment in biology-related fields, or apply for medical school.


The Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Pharmacy examines the current theories and practices of pharmacology and epidemiology of drug use, and focuses on the scientific topics related to human physiology and cellular biology. Through class lectures and group labs, students study real-world topics such as the effects of drugs on representative organ systems and disease processes. In addition, students gain a higher understanding of the principles and applications of microbiology by exploring microbial cell structure, microbial genetics, related pathologies and many other applied areas.

After completing this program, students will have mastered the fundamental skills needed to apply for pharmacy school.

Pre-Physical Therapy

GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy uses class lectures and hand-on labs to build students’ skills in diagnosing injuries and illnesses, and providing treatment. In working toward their goal of becoming a physical therapist, students investigate the psychological, spiritual and physical components of health, wellness and medical intervention.

Graduates of this program have the foundational knowledge in biological sciences, exercise science, social sciences and healthcare issues to apply for a graduate physical therapist program.

Pre-Physician Assistant

The Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Physician Assistant is designed for students seeking acceptance into a graduate-level physician assistant program. To prepare for their future, students in this program develop and refine their communication skills while investigating the psychological, spiritual and physical components of health, wellness and medical intervention. Through class lecture and hands-on labs, students experience intensive coursework and fully engage in the study of human anatomy and physiology.

Upon graduation, students will have the fundamental skills and tools to apply for a graduate physician assistant program.

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