Topics in GCU’s Bachelor Of Science In Forensic Science Program

Forensic Science DNA

If you love the idea of analyzing evidence and wish to pursue a scientific, investigative career, then Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science may be the ideal degree program for you.

In addition to human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, genetics and molecular biology, you can look forward to studying the following topics while earning your bachelor’s in forensic science from GCU:

Crime Scene Processing

As you complete this crime scene processing course, you will explore the logic and critical analysis for crime scene assessment and reconstruction along with topics such as CAD program techniques, evidence processing, report writing and ethical considerations in forensic work.

Physical Evidence

Course and lab work in this forensic science degree will give you the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of material recovery for evidence, methods for analysis of evidence and maintaining chain of custody.

Instrumental Analysis

To help prepare you for a career in forensic science, coursework in this degree program covers the instrumental analysis of different sample types, methods for selecting appropriate analytical techniques and methods for qualitative and quantitative sample analysis.


While pursuing this degree, you will explore principles of forensic toxicology, such as drug metabolism, chemistry and biological activities and the effects of drugs as they relate to biological material.

Body Fluid and DNA Analysis

Through coursework and laboratory experiences, you will strengthen your knowledge of molecular biology, examine the identification of body fluids and examine past and present theories, models and techniques for analyzing forensic DNA evidence. Also, you will study DNA profiling and gain hands-on experience in short tandem repeat (STR) analysis.

Pursue your passion for crime scene investigation by enrolling in Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science program. You can learn more about this degree by visiting the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology or clicking this page’s Request More Information button.

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