6 Characteristics of Successful Nursing Students

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Ever wonder what makes a successful nursing student? If you are thinking about going to school to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, it can be helpful to know just how to prepare. Continue reading to learn about six characteristics of successful nursing students:


Successful nursing students are driven and goal-oriented. They realize that in order to stay motivated, they must set goals for themselves. For example, they may have the goal to increase their career options, provide for their family or make a positive impact in the lives of their patients. In addition, successful nursing students understand that by setting small goals along the way, they can work toward accomplishing their overall goals.


Between studying for exams, completing clinical hours, going to class and managing other responsibilities, nursing school can be challenging. However, successful nursing students always look at the bright side. When they face setbacks, rather than dwelling in them, they look for solutions and keep moving forward.


Time management is a necessary skill for any nursing student. In order to avoid burnout, nursing students must schedule time to study and time to relax. In addition, when it comes to succeeding in a nursing program, students must have the ability to stay organized with their schoolwork. Keeping a planner is a great way to stay on top of assignments and exams.


As a nursing student, it is important to be realistic and realize that nobody is perfect. Rather than holding themselves to impossible standards, successful nursing students focus on doing their very best and when mistakes are made, they learn from them and move on. Practice makes perfect, and that is what nursing school is for!


Successful nursing students invest in their relationships. By connecting with their professors and classmates, they can make the most out of their educational experience. Plus, the contacts made in nursing school can come in handy later down the road!


Last but not least, successful nursing students are passionate. They realize that at the end of the day, their passion is what will drive them to be successful. Their love for the nursing field and desire to care for patients will allow them to pursue a rewarding career after graduation.

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Written by Lauren Abraham, a senior earning a degree in communications at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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