A Look at Athletic Training Careers

Athletic trainer degree graduate teaching a student

Not everyone who loves sports necessarily wants to become a professional athlete. If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in pursuing an athletic training degree. While earning an athletic training degree, you will learn about several topics relating to health care and injuries, including injury prevention, therapeutic intervention, emergency care and wellness promotion. Earning this type of degree can prepare you for career options relating to healthcare and athletics. This career is also expected to be more in-demand as time goes on. There are many institutions where athletic trainers can find work.

High School Athletic Coach

Many athletes develop their passion for sports in high school. Earning your athletic training degree will help you learn about the technical aspects of various sports while also learning about injury prevention, general fitness and physical therapy. This can be a great foundation that will help you gain the skills and confidence needed to become a high school athletic coach. If you find that you enjoy helping younger athletes strengthen their skills and learn about the importance of teamwork, consider becoming a high school athletic coach after graduation.

College or University Athletic Trainer or Teacher

An athletic training degree can help you pursue opportunities in collegiate sports. You can work as part of the athletic department, where you will be available to treat injuries and offer diagnoses for student athletes. This is essential for keeping these athletes safe and healthy, while maintaining an effective sports team throughout the season. An athletic training degree can also prepare you to work as a teacher at the college or university level, where you might teach students who are also interested in pursuing a career relating to athletic training.

Professional Sports Athletic Trainer

Professional sports teams need readily available healthcare professionals on staff. Sports seasons only last a few months out of the year, but athletic trainers are important all year long due to the high fitness regimen of professional athletes. Athletic trainers help professional athletes train properly so they can avoid injuries and keep their bodies in peak condition. Athletic trainers can also help professional athletes find the causes of their injuries and illnesses and offer treatment options, so athletes are able to get back on their feet and back on the playing field quickly and safely.

Sports Clinic Athletic Trainer

Sports medicine clinics exist in a variety of different medical facilities, universities and other settings where people play sports or perform athletic activities. If you work in this type of environment, you will be part of a team that includes other healthcare professionals, such as sports physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists. This team will work together to help athletes of all skill levels find relief from their injuries and get back into the game. A sports medicine clinic can be a great environment for anyone who is passionate about both sports and healthcare.

Dance and Music Athletic Trainer

Traditional sports are not the only areas where athletic trainers can find successful and rewarding careers. College-level and professional dancing and musical performances can both involve a great deal of athletic ability from performers, which is why athletic trainers can play an important role in these settings. By working as a dance and music athletic trainer, you will be able to help performers learn the proper dancing and movement techniques to avoid injuries. You will also be able to diagnose injuries or illnesses and provide treatment when necessary.

Military Athletic Trainer

Another surprising field where you can find athletic trainer career opportunities is in the military. Athletic trainers are employed to help active-duty soldiers recover from injuries and illnesses they may experience while serving. There are also military sports teams that require athletic trainers. Military job opportunities for athletic trainers may also involve working in fitness and health centers found both on-base and off-base as well as helping with recruitment programs to prepare future soldiers.

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