How to Get Started in Healthcare Administration

healthcare administrator

If you would like to work in the medical field, but not as a clinical employee, healthcare administration is a great career option. A healthcare administration degree allows students interested in the scientific and medical world to work in essential roles that still focus on patient care. Healthcare administrative roles are essential to the running of the industry as well as to individual clinics and practices.

Five Things You Can Do With a Healthcare Administration Degree

1. Office Manager

A healthcare administration degree can lead to work as a medical office manager. A person in this role is responsible for the operations in a physician's office. Not only does the healthcare administrator office manager keep the day-to-day work running smoothly, but they also attempt to stick to the office budget and decrease costs where possible. The office manager with a healthcare administration degree will have to know about billing, coding, collections and appointment making.

2. Administrative Assistant

Home nursing care is growing in popularity as the baby boomer generation is aging into the need for specialized medical care. Nursing and home healthcare organizations need administrative assistants to run the operations of the business. A healthcare administrator degree holder may work in this field to ensure that services are in compliance with state and federal guidelines. They order supplies and make sure that scheduling and budgeting are taken care of.

3. Insurance Specialist

Healthcare administration degree grads who are interested in the financial side of the medical field may want to work with insurance companies as medical reimbursement specialists. They may help patients get on payment plans for their medical bills and also work with insurance companies to determine billing needs.

4. Consultants

Businesses that provide medical services may not need to hire a healthcare administrator straight away. Instead, they may need a consultant who can help them identify the services that they need to offer. In a consultant role, the healthcare administrator analyzes data and presents the findings to the client to help them understand how to run their business.

5. Human Resources

Large medical facilities employ a lot of people. Excellent human resource managers need to hire, train and support all of these employees. A healthcare administration degree grad in a human resources role will work with both the hiring managers and potential candidates to fill roles. They will support employees in training and ensure that pay and benefits are taken care of.

Many of these rules are entry-level jobs for recent healthcare administration graduates. Get into a behind-the-scenes role in medicine and healthcare by earning your Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree at Grand Canyon University.

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