Opportunities for BSN Prepared Nurses

Posted on May 23, 2018  in  [ Nursing & Health Care ]

A statistic by Lamar University states that “there are four times as many nurses as doctors in the U.S., and their roles continue to grow as nurses expand into services beyond traditional areas to include work in private practices, clinics, public health centers, nursing homes, companies and mental health agencies”. With this staggering number of nurses, it is important that each one of them is confident and well-prepared for the workforce.

Job Opportunities

BSN prepared nurses are more knowledgeable and equipped for the healthcare world of today. In fact, more and more employers are implementing a BSN requirement and standard for their staff. This means that earning your BSN will allow you better and more prestigious and high-paying job opportunities than those without one. Employers are looking for the most qualified nurses for their industries, and earning a BSN is a great way to be considered for better job opportunities in the future!

In addition, there is more variety in the job options for BSN prepared nurses. One GCU nursing faculty member, Catherine Beasley, believes that BSN nurses can work at the bedside in a wide range of settings. She states that “opportunities include home-health, legal consulting, teaching, research, military, leadership and management positions. Additionally, nurses with BSNs may be selected to lead committees and working groups or high level inspections”. Oftentimes, these career options are overlooked by nursing students, but in reality, with an earned BSN, any of these opportunities are feasible.

Mobility Opportunities

As a BSN prepared nurse, you are qualified to do an assortment of jobs. Because of this, you have the luxury of being able to work just about anywhere. Also, you do not have to be tied down to one place. With the spectrum of available jobs, BSN prepared nurses can move from one type of job to another fairly easily, taking the pressure off to find the “perfect” or long term position.

Leadership Opportunities

Lastly, being a BSN prepared nurse may provide you with incredible leadership opportunities. Another nursing faculty member, Christine Bartholomew, states that “even if you do not strive to obtain a management or formal leadership role, a BSN gives you tools to function as a situational leader”. The skills one learns in a BSN program better prepares nurses to operate in leadership roles in the future. In essence, having a BSN puts you a step above many other nurses, allowing you not only more job options, but better job options, as well as the ability to shine in various leadership positions.

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Written by Allison Richmond, a professional writing major at GCU.

Allison Richmond

Professional Writing Major ’19, Copywriter for GCU Blogs

Allison Richmond is an Arizona native and a junior at Grand Canyon University. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Science in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing with a minor in marketing. She hopes to use her degree to pursue a career in journalism or advertising in order to share her ideas and creativity with the world. Allison has a passion for writing. She has gotten the opportunity to pursue this passion through writing for Odyssey Online, working on writing research with her professor and writing for the GCU blogs.

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