Why Earn Your DNP in Educational Leadership?

a male doctor in a white coat standing in front of other doctors discussing a case

As the health industry grows, so does the need for newly trained professionals in hospitals and healthcare organizations. By earning your Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership, you can assume the role of teaching and leading new nurses in a clinical or academic setting. Here is a brief overview of the DNP in educational leadership program:

Learn to Educate Aspiring Nurses

This program expands your knowledge of the healthcare industry, which better prepares you to partner with nursing students in their education. You will study information systems and technology, gain knowledge on emerging areas of human health and learn scientific application of theories, population management and data analysis. Ultimately, you will become proficient in creating and teaching nursing curriculum to properly train and prepare rising nursing students for the healthcare industry!

Explore Your Career Options

After graduates earn their DNP in educational leadership, they will be equipped to become a nursing education leader. You can begin a new phase in your medical career by teaching nursing students and developing their health knowledge, patient care and nursing skills. Graduates of this program may find education employment opportunities, as they will be qualified for a job in a college of nursing or medical institute of learning. Those with a DNP in educational leadership may even be offered a leadership position within a college of nursing because of their expanded expertise.

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