Club Spotlight: Future Health Care Administrators (FHCA)

By Cathleen Daly

Future health care administrators club meets outside near nursing college

Starting a club on campus is no small feat: It takes a significant amount of time to plan, advertise and maintain a club. GCU Honors College student Genesis Cortez, a healthcare administration major and Spanish minor, was determined to make her dream of a healthcare administration club a reality.

Genesis Cortez

What is Healthcare Administration?

FHCA Group Photo

The club has already proven successful. The College of Nursing and Health Care Professions chose the FHCA to be their primary learning community. This is essentially the club that the college will work directly with. She expressed that she was honored to be chosen, especially considering it was a new club. With this honor, she will have the opportunity to present the club at a luncheon to the deans of the different medical-based colleges.

Cortez expressed how this whole process has been a learning experience. She learned a lot about networking, the importance of planning in advance as a leader and how to prepare for hosting guest speakers. She learned how to form the team that makes up the now FHCA leadership: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, PR officer, underclassmen liaison and the club advisor/professor.

Why Join FHCA?

“It’s an awesome opportunity. It’s going to help you professionally, and at the same time, you get to enjoy yourself. Network with people in the same major. Sometimes when you are in a classroom, you only get to know the person sitting next to you or in your CLC group, but you don’t really get to know the other people in your class. For me, I only know one or two people in each class. But through the club, I actually get to know who the rest of the people are. Later on in life, I can contact them and see where they are.”

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