Healthcare Students: Become Leaders and Get Involved!

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What is Leadership in Healthcare?

This was when I realized that students do not necessarily need to be leaders, but need to demonstrate leadership skills. Students should stop focusing so heavily on titles. We often ask, “What does a leader look like?” This focus should be changed to, “What does leadership look like?” At the end of the day, it is not always about being a leader, but it is instead more about demonstrating leadership attributes that will allow more opportunities for success as students begin transitioning to more professional environments and places of work.

The faculty within the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions are here to help build leadership skills in students pursuing degrees in healthcare. A major focus for students should consist of the three main aspects of leadership, which include:

  • Developing a leader mindset
  • Building trust
  • Leading by example

These are great ways to start gaining skills in leadership, which students can use to become even more competent in how they function as a student and professional.

How Healthcare Students Can Get Involved

Those interested in healthcare should make sure to review a student membership with Arizona Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Networking is critical to post-education employment and can help you meet others who might be able to assist you in getting to where you want to be professionally.

Additionally, traditional students should get involved on campus! For example, the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions has a Future Healthcare Administrators (FHCA) Club that can be highly beneficial to those who are seeking careers in healthcare administration. Being involved in your college is a great way to develop the leadership skills that will become useful throughout any career path.

The College of Nursing and Health Care Professions has many outlets students can use to gain leadership skills and get involved. To learn more, visit our website or click the Request More Information button located on this page.

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