How to Know if a Psychology Degree Would Be Best for You

By Kennedy Lane
Professional Writing major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Woman holds her hand out with a virtual brain above it

Choosing a major can be difficult. It is hard to know what career field you want to go into. There are multiple different career options that you can choose from with a degree in psychology. If you have a special interest in the following areas, then a degree in psychology is definitely for you.

You Enjoy Helping Others

If you are the type of person who enjoys helping others and you are the friend that is always there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to them, then psychology might just be the degree for you. Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. If you notice things that can help others benefit from behavioral/environmental change, or increased understanding of self in their career, family, friendships or personally you have what it takes to enjoy a satisfying career in psychology.

Psychology majors could even go on to do counseling which is great if you enjoy listening to others and helping them with their problems. There are many different types of counseling options.. Some options are school counseling, marriage counseling, addiction counseling and family counseling. It all depends on the type of people that you want to help

Interest in How the Brain Works

If you have a fascination with how the brain works and why humans do what they do and why we think certain ways, then psychology is for you. Psychology is all about discovering why humans act the way they do and how our brain works, and applying that knowledge to the real world and helping others understand why they are the way they are and helping them in different situations.

Helping People Mentally

With a degree in psychology, you have the opportunity to help people mentally. Whether they have a mental illness or temporary mental struggles, you can help them get over their struggles and help make their mental problems a little easier. You have the opportunity to become a counselor and be a listening ear for people to talk about their struggles or you could become a psychiatrist to help treat patients with mental disorders.

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