Why Psychology Matters

Group of psychology students in the middle of a conversation

Psychology is the study of the human mind. It is important to understand that the way in which we behave and react to ourselves and others, and the way in which we go about our lives, is scientific. In most cases, our actions can be explained using psychology.

If you are considering a psychology degree, here are two reasons why psychology matters:

Understand Others

When you know what is going on around you, you are more likely to adapt to your situation and feel more comfortable with those in your surrounding environment. The way people behave and act can be interesting, useful and beneficial in our day-to-day activities and responsibilities. By understanding others’ thoughts, actions and motivations, you can see their point of view and have a better understanding of the human experience.

You can even learn more about the people you meet just by studying the way they react both physically and verbally to you. When meeting someone knew, it can be awkward if you do not know what to say. Start by noticing their body language and whether or not they seem open to the conversation. Make them feel more comfortable by showing them that you are listening to what they have to say, by nodding or giving short phrases of confirmation so they know you are interested. This can make the interaction less awkward for the both of you, and possibly leave you with a new friend or acquaintance.

Understand Yourself

If you can understand psychology, it can be a huge help in gaining insight into your daily routine and lifestyle. By learning more about the way psychology affects you, there is an opportunity for you to become a better communicator and learner, as well as make more accurate decisions. For example, knowing the reason behind your stress, anger or frustration and why you might be feeling that way can help you determine an appropriate reaction when facing others. Knowing the right thing to say and do is not easy, but it can help to have a better understanding of your own emotions.

If psychology is a topic that you are interested in studying, Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. To learn more, visit our website or contact us using the Request More Information form at the top of the page.

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