Chapel: Extreme Makeover – Heart Edition

Posted on September 21, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Deb Wade, PhD, spoke to a full house at GCU Arena on Monday morning. Dr. Wade is vice president of Grand Canyon University’s growing counseling and psychology services and spoke to the room of students about making over our hearts when it comes to all the damage that could come our way.

The two main parts of this transformation are losing the weight of burdens and covering up the blemishes.

Sometimes, we need to lose the weight that is caused by shame, toxic relationships, hurtful messages, anger and revenge. Those things that burden our hearts and weigh us down can be replaced by truths found in Scripture. Psalm 55:22 and Matthew 11:28-30 are the verses that Dr. Wade recommended we read when we are ridding ourselves of all this heavy weight that pulls us down.

Secondly, she recommended that we try to stop covering up the blemishes that we have and get down to the root of the problem. These problems can be brokenness, degradation, shame and loneliness. The smile that we plaster on our face to hide these feelings only make the roots grow deeper.

To change the patterns of these harmful things in our life, Dr. Wade suggest that we again turn to Scripture. Psalm 139:1-14 reminds us of the love that God has for us and the worth that is instilled in us because He created us. Anytime we feel weighed down by these heavy burdens in our life, or we are just trying to cover up some pain, we can return to the truth found in God’s Word and reclaim our worth as sons and daughters of the Lord.

Hear Dr. Wade’s full message by watching below:

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Paige Ferrari

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Paige Ferrari is a senior at GCU studying Communications and serves in the Spiritual Life department as part of the Global Outreach Team. Although she’s from Southern California, Paige finds herself falling in love with the people, culture and lifestyle of Phoenix, and hopes to permanently move here after graduation. She is a passionate writer, reader and coffee connoisseur; she is always looking for some creative words over a cup of coffee.

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