Summer Chapel: Reconcile

Posted on June 01, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Nathan Hale, Life Leader manager and blog contributor, kicked off the summer Chapel series with a passionate talk about gifts from Jesus, following in His footsteps and reconciling ourselves to God. By doing this, we can truly embrace His love, give thanks to Him for all that He has created and given to us, and receive forgiveness from sin.

“To be reconciled is kind of like the idea of being repaired,” Nathan explained after his talk. “If there has been a breach or a break in a relationship, putting that back together is the act of being reconciled.”

Watch Nathan’s full talk below, and check back next week for more Chapel.

If you’d like to learn more about Chapel services on campus, visit our Chapel and theGathering page. Hear more from Nathan by checking out his blog post, “Five Simple Ways to Stay Connected to Jesus in College.”

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