Summer Chapel: What do You Carry with You?

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Deb Wade, GCU’s new vice president of psychological services and counseling, delivered the July 20 Summer Chapel message. She discussed her move from Dallas to Phoenix and the “junk” she brought with her.

Using balloons to describe the human condition of carrying burdens and emotions inside each of us, Wade talked about feelings such as anxiety, fear, acceptance (or lack thereof) and other mental and emotional responses.

“I carried this junk with me, all through the house, everywhere I went,” she said. “I’ve done away with the junk from the move, but I was carrying bigger junk, lots of bigger junk. I think that’s the human condition. We tend to carry emotional junk and wear masks to say to the world that everything is fine.”

Oftentimes, we carry this emotional junk and don’t realize it, even though the Bible repeatedly says not to feel anxious or insecure about some things.

Noting Psalm 139, Wade acknowledges it remains difficult to let go of all our mental and emotional “junk” in our past and current relationships; however, holding onto the past can destroy us from the inside.

Releasing our past and thoughts/emotions allows us to be redeemed and free of these burdens so we can move forward each day, to where we can be forgiven by God and Jesus.

Hear the full message by watching the video below:

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