3 Tips for Staying in Shape While Earning Your PE Degree

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Educators serve as role models for their students, so caring for yourself while earning your degree can help prepare you to be a highly effective teacher. Also, maintaining your mental and physical wellness despite the demands of your program can help you make the most of your time in school. Are you in the process of earning Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Emphasis in Physical Education) degree? If so, then consider the following tips for staying in shape throughout your education:

Eat Well

One of the most common traps that college students fall into when it comes to maintaining their health is choosing unhealthy food options. With takeout and fast food establishments all around, it can be tempting to go for the tastiest and easiest choices. However, making this a habit can lead to weight gain. Choose fresh and unprocessed foods whenever possible and avoid eating too late at night to help keep yourself in good shape.

Stay Rested

Over time, lost sleep may affect your ability to learn, suppress immune function and cause you to feel worn out. For these reasons, getting plenty of rest each night can be a critical component of staying in good shape while you earn your degree.

Keep Active

Remaining physically active can be essential for staying healthy while you’re earning your degree because getting enough exercise can help increase your energy levels. Also, physical activity can increase your focus and concentration, improve your mood and stimulate brain cells. try to include at least two hours of exercise into your week at intervals of 30 minutes or more. Examples of activities to try include yoga, cycling, dance, basketball or any sport that increases your heart rate.

The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Emphasis in Physical Education) degree offered by Grand Canyon University can prepare you for a career in areas like fitness training, school athletics coaching and physical education. Please visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page for more details about this program.

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