Degree Spotlight: Elementary Education

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Thinking about earning a bachelor’s degree in education? Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education through the College of Education. There are a number of opportunities that can lead passionate students down the path to success in teaching. GCU’s elementary education degree is for those who aspire to teach and shape the minds of young children and inspire the next generation to gain success in their own lives.

What is the Program Like?

The elementary education degree program at GCU focuses on student learning and student engagement within the classroom. Competencies include critical thinking, educational organization, and communication. The program includes the careful examination of:

  • Elementary lesson planning
  • Research of scientific learning concepts
  • Classroom engagement and management at the elementary level
  • Best practices in teaching English language learners

The elementary education degree at GCU requires practicum hours, giving students the opportunity to gain the hands-on field experience they need to ease into teaching in a classroom setting.

Emphasis Areas for Elementary Education

This bachelor’s degree is offered with many different emphases, for those who are interested in teaching a specific subject in elementary education. These include:

  • English: This emphasis places focus on English grammar and linguistics, literacy and language arts, American literature and the development of the short story. Students study world literature and English literature, learning of important, famous literary works of the past. The elementary education degree with an emphasis in English is purposed for those who desire to teach English at the elementary and middle school levels.
  • Science: An emphasis in science is designed for education students who have a passion for teaching the concepts and theories of science to young learners. There is a continuously growing demand for science teachers as new discoveries and technologies become available. This specific program allows students to learn how to teach primary children the process of the scientific method, experimentation, the properties of Earth, the functions of animals, cell division and replicating and examining DNA. All courses taken within this emphasis are professionally standardized with the National Science Teachers Association.
  • Math: This subject emphasis is for students with an interest in teaching math to elementary school children. Learning outcomes include understanding math principles, and enhancing skills in algebra, geometry, and statistics. Courses focus on the curriculum and foundations of teaching math at the elementary level and are standardized with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • English as a Second Language: This program allows students to become ESL teachers, providing tools and resources for students to learn and improve upon their knowledge of teaching English as a second language. Some courses include focus areas of research-based strategies for teaching ESL, curriculum method and instruction, literacy development and more. The content of the courses within this emphasis are aligned with Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) standards.

With all of the options available for study in the College of Education, there is a bachelor’s degree for many future elementary school educators. Choosing the right path can lead to a wonderful career in teaching.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in applying for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree, request more information today.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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