Degree Spotlight: Secondary Education Degree

By Jessalyn Johnson

Teacher helps student at their desk

Becoming a teacher can be extremely rewarding. Teachers have the opportunity to help shape minds and spark creativity within the hearts of middle school and high school students. Grand Canyon University’s College of Education offers content degrees in secondary education to help you turn your passion into a career.

A secondary education degree can provide the skills and tools you need to successfully become a teacher for grades 6-12. As an educator, you can help provide students with the chance to grow and excel.

Why Earn a Secondary Education Degree?

Teaching middle school and high school students can be a great experience. You will be able to design and deliver creative and meaningful lessons for students in your classroom, so that they will be able to be successful in higher education or careers. Your passion for teaching can help students realize their talents and potential. A great deal of joy and inspiration can come from students in ways you may have never thought possible, helping to fuel your love of teaching as you earn your secondary education degree.

Is a Secondary Education Degree Right for Me?

If you feel called to teach middle school- or high school-age students, pursuing a secondary education degree may be a great path for you to follow. Grand Canyon University also offers a Master of Education in Secondary Education, with options for both current teachers and those looking to continue their education. A master’s degree in education can be highly beneficial to your career by offering more opportunities for growth and potentially even a higher salary. If secondary education is not the path for you, but you feel called to teach, GCU offers a variety of education degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

To learn more about a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education, visit the Grand Canyon University website to request more information today.

Written by Jessalyn Johnson, a sophomore majoring in English and professional writing at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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