My First Semester in the College of Education

By Brandi Hadley

Excited GCU students line up for welcome week

Entering Grand Canyon University as a freshman this fall has not only been a major adjustment for me, but it has also heavily impacted the student body here. I am one of more than 4,000 freshmen on campus here this year, and to say that we have “rocked the boat” a bit when it comes to student dynamics is an understatement. With such a large class, we have not only impacted the wait time for lunch and the available seating in Chapel, but we also have our own section of campus now to live in.

As GCU grows more and more, truly painting the Valley purple, I consider it to be an honor to be amongst the first wave of an evolving GCU. Being a part of the awesome student body here on campus makes this experience so meaningful. From basketball games to Java Jams and everything in between, the faculty, staff, and administrators at GCU have created great opportunities for student involvement. Actively participating in these events has given me the best college experience I could have asked for.

Choosing GCU as the university to which I would spend the next four years devoting all my time was way too easy. I had my first campus visit during my sophomore year of high school, and I fell in love as soon as I walked on campus. From the alumni mall to a view of campus from the library, I knew that no other school could beat the awe I felt.

(Now, I will admit that even though I thought the campus was beautiful and all the programs sounded so intriguing, the one thing that sealed the deal for me was Chick-fil-a on campus. How can you say no to a five-minute walk for Chick-fil-a? You just can’t.)

Choosing my major was my next obstacle, and as soon as I decided on teaching history, I set out to make sure I would be accepted into the College of Education.

As a College of Education student, I can say that I truly have some of the best instructors and such an amazing support system from all of the faculty and staff here. The College of Education offers so many resources for its students. It amazes me every day to see how the faculty and staff go out of their way to help students be successful.

Having such a supportive and caring team of people behind you in this journey of education is so important. Without all the support, not only for me but for every education student, there would not be the passion and drive that these future educators have. The College of Education does everything within their power to send out the best and brightest teachers to help change and better not only their future students but also their schools and state education systems as well.

As I go forward in my journey of becoming an educator, I am so excited to see what the future holds for me here at GCU! I know that I could not have been placed in a better environment to have a successful education. With a passion for learning and an eagerness to begin the process of being knowledgeable, all I can see are bright lights ahead.

It has truly been a blessing to have been accepted to not only an amazing university but an outstanding education program as well.

GCU’s College of Education offers a variety of education degree programs that allow you to pursue your purpose of learning, leading and serving. Request more information about education degrees and the GCU experience.

More about Brandi:

Brandi was born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ, attending public school there her whole life. She always enjoyed school and learning, which she concedes to her wanting to be an educator. Brandi enjoys the outdoors and being adventurous. She constantly wants to find new things to try, like restaurants or activities, around Phoenix. Brandi is currently a freshman at Grand Canyon University, studying history and education. Besides her love for teaching, she has a huge passion for animals, especially horses, and she hopes to one day make them a bigger piece of her life again!

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