GCU Worship Arts Students Record Song in Honor of Makayla Castro

Soundboard in recording studio

Recently, two students from Grand Canyon University’s worship arts program recorded a song in memory of their friend, Makayla Castro, who passed away last April in a tragic hiking accident.

Makayla was a freshman at GCU, and according to those who knew her, she exemplified what it means to truly live for Christ. She was filled with happiness and brought joy to everyone she met, and she had a passion for life and always looked for the good in everyone. Makayla was known and loved by many, and her loss has left many heartbroken.

In the midst of this hard time, two of Makayla’s friends, Kristyn Roberts and Josh Wathen, decided to write and produce a song in memory of her. The song, titled, “Dancing by Your Side (Home Now),” reflects on Makayla’s life and the impact she made for Christ.

The song describes how Makayla was awed by the beauty of Christ in a sinful world. While it seems as though she is gone too soon and will be missed by her friends, family and the GCU community, we know she is now home in heaven dancing with Christ.

Even though she is no longer here on Earth, the impact Makayla made in the lives of everyone around her continues. Makayla’s parents have established a nonprofit, tax exempt foundation called the Live Like Kayla Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to keep Makayla’s spirit alive by providing scholarships for high school students who exemplify her personal values.

While Makayla’s time here was short, she pointed everyone she came in contact with back to Christ. As we remember her life, we can find peace in knowing she is now with her Father in Heaven, dancing by His side.

“Dancing by Your Side (Home Now),” is now available for download on iTunes. If you would like to purchase the single, click here.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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