Theology Theology: God Loves Us Through Salvation

God loves us through giving us salvation

God loves us through salvation. What a statement, or, rather, what a declaration. These words are the substance of God’s fulfillment of a promise made to Israel long ago. But more so, they are fulfilled promises made to all humanity, past, present, and future who will believe this.

God’s Coming Was Promised

As we have now concluded our Christmas season celebration this year, let us not easily forget the reason for Jesus Christ’s incarnation into the world, not only to be remembered again next December. His coming into the fallen world was for the sole purpose of saving people. God, in Christ, not only addressed the seemingly unsolvable problem of sinful humanity, but He also went much further. He entered into the darkness we live in, entering into the pain and brutal suffering we fragile human beings experience each and every day. God, in Christ, has broken into this world-wide arena of despair, disenchantment, and emptiness of the human soul, as He promised.

God began this work of salvation in Genesis 3, describing the consequences for sin that humankind would now face, but also lovingly providing the great hope of rescue from these perils. Christ, the Messiah was (and still is) the answer to those who first witnessed both the Christ child and the grown man known as Jesus of Nazareth. He would deliver God’s salvation through an act of great love as prophesied which is available now to all who believe.

God’s Love Is Purposeful

The God of the Bible truly loves us. However, too often God is seen as a mere sentiment when described as a being who consists of nothing but love alone. This does not adequately describe the God of the Bible where our relationship with Him has been broken and must be reestablished. There is a price to be paid for our transgressions, yet it is God who first extends His mercy and grace for this rectified relationship to take hold. God’s only requirement is to trust Him with this, forsaking all others. This is how God saves, taking on our own future death and paying the price through the death of Jesus, His obedient son. Jesus is God’s Son, which points out His deity, for only God could save.

God Is the “With Us” God

The Bible’s consummate fulfilled prophecy was that God would be with His people, literally. God, then, is the “with us” God that stands by us, stands for us and as our Creator, dwells within us. Salvation by God is what all of Israel waited for, and whereby all peoples, would also have the opportunity to experience. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, is the final prophet, priest, King and promised Messiah. He is fully God and fully man, who came in the flesh for our salvation. Because of this, we can now be confident of being with God for all eternity.

Let us begin this new year with hearts full of expectancy, thanking God for loving us through his act of saving us, allowing us to experience a glimpse of heaven during our days here on Earth.

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