Trending Faith: The Christian View on Suicide

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What is the Christian view on suicide?

On this week’s Trending Faith, Dean of the College of Theology Dr. Jason Hiles and University Pastor Tim Griffin set out to answer this complex, yet important, question.

“One of the first commandments in Scripture relates to the understanding that you should not take the life of another human being,” Dr. Hiles said. “There’s no point in Scripture where it says that suicide is an exceptional or unpardonable sin.

“Biblically speaking, we find that God very often shapes lives and shapes souls through suffering in ways that we can’t imagine. He prepares us in ways that are just astounding, and sometimes impacts other lives through the suffering that we go through. He helps others; he ministers to others through the things that we suffer and endure.

“To end that suffering for ourselves, is in some ways selfish, and actually could injure another person and could injure us if we are preparing for something of eternal significance.”

Hear Dr. Hiles and Pastor Tim’s full answers by watching the full video.

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For more perspective on this topic read Dr. Sammy Alfaro’s “Thinking Critically about Suicide.” If you would like the chance to hear your questions answered, email them to

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