Trending Faith: Ethical Guidelines

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“Should Christians hold Non-Christians to the same ethical guidelines?”

This hard-hitting question was answered by Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, and Grand Canyon University Campus Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin on this week’s Trending Faith.

Pastor Tim bluntly responded, “No,” but then continued to share his convictions of why this is so. Christians find their ethical standards within Scripture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that others see the world the same way.

He commented that we need to respect people who see the world differently and live among them. He also acknowledged how Christians are getting frustrated by accepting this because we are so committed to what we believe to be true.

This shift that a lot of Christians are feeling in modern American culture has been attributed to the years of comfort and acceptance that has preceded our generation. Pastor Tim urged us to go back to Scripture and find how Jesus lived in a culture that didn’t believe what He did. We can use the teachings and ways of Jesus to guide the way we react in a changing world.

Dr. Hiles asked us to turn to Scripture to look at how to approach people of other cultures who are not Christians and how to reach them with the truth in the Gospel. He brought in the example of Paul in Acts 17, speaking into the culture with things that they would know and things they would understand.

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