Trending Faith: Heavenly Sorrow for Loved Ones

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GCU Pastor and Dean of Student Tim Griffin joins College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, to discuss whether the concept of “heavenly sorrow” toward others outside of heaven can exist.

Dr. Hiles notes that the book of Revelations discusses wiping away tears, which suggests sorrow dissipates in time and there doesn’t appear to be room for sorrow in heaven.

But that leads to even more difficult questions about how one can be in heaven while others aren’t, and how sorrow can be eliminated permanently.

“If we’re trying to look at this in the long view, the grand scheme of things as perhaps God already does, there’s a sense in which it’ll definitely make sense when knowledge is fuller and the depths of justice and holiness of God, in the same way we now look for the grace and mercy of God,” he said.

Dr. Hiles also notes that he, like many of us, have friends, family and acquaintances who “walk a very different path, strayed very far from God, and it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to understand how my heart can be so broken now, and at one point somewhere in the future, I can be at peace with it and enjoy the pleasures of God and heaven forever.”

Listen to their entire discussion by watching the video below:

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