Trending Faith: In the Presence of God

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Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, and Grand Canyon University Campus Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin talked about the hot topic of where we go after we die on this week’s Trending Faith.

The Old Testament is somewhat vague in answering this question and actually more metaphorical, explained Dr. Hiles. The New Testament further clarifies, through the Apostles, that when we die we will be in God’s presence. He references the Book of Revelation to say that although it does give us a glimpse, it is a rather symbolic book and there is no way to know for sure.

Dr. Hiles acknowledge the complexity and vagueness about this topic. But he does speak into what we do know about the judgment we will enter into when Jesus Christ comes again and that we will be in God’s presence.

Watch the full discussion by watching this week’s episode:

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