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Mentorship is a key component in the relationship our experienced faculty have with our College of Science, Engineering and Technology students. As a student, you have all the support necessary to succeed in our rigorous science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum. Meet the College of Science, Engineering and Technology's scholars responsible for helping you become a global STEM professional.

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College of Science, Engineering and Technology Advisory Board

Grand Canyon University's (GCU) President's STEM Advisory Board is tasked with helping GCU academicians define the curriculum of engineering, science and applied math programs. What is at stake is much more than current best practice standards-programs must address the projected growth, innovations and entrepreneurial vision required in the multiple industries that rely on STEM disciplines.

Members of the President's STEM Advisory Board:

David Bennett
EVP for Product and Strategy
Orion Health
Chevy Humphrey
President and CEO
Arizona Science Center
Dr. Michael Berens
Professor and Deputy Director of Research Resources
Translational Genomics Research Institute
Paul Jackson
Managing Partner
Integrus Capital
Dave Cano
Senior Engineering Manager
Christian Kaijser
Managing Director
Career Evolutions
Phil Colon
Senior Director
ON Semiconductor, Global Infrastructure Services
Eric Miller
Principal, Founder
Oscar Diaz
Chief Executive Officer
Healthcare Services Platform Consortium
Jared Stauffer
President and CEO
Brinkster Communications Corp.
Matt Doretti
Business Unit Executive
IBM, Global Financing Unit
Alex Toth
Business Development Manager
Intel - Healthcare & Life Sciences
Jay Ennesser
Vice President
N2N Global
Soeren Wiener
Director Technology & Advanced Operations
Honeywell Aerospace
Greg Haggerty
Chief Executive Officer
Dibble Manufacturing
Deanna Wise
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Dignity Health
William Harris
Science Foundation Arizona

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