IT and Computer Science Degree Programs

Explore Computer Science Degree Programs and Information Technology Degree Programs at GCU

The computer science degree programs and information technology degree programs within the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Grand Canyon University (GCU) provides the hands-on training and key competencies to enter into in-demand, high-income careers in technology.

Our technology-driven world continues to demand innovative, highly tech-equipped professionals who specialize in areas like software development, programming, networks, systems administration, and cybersecurity. By earning a computer science degree or information technology degree, you develop the skills for critical thinking, as well as hands-on, applicable and project-based experience. Take this educational opportunity to impact the future of technology and develop solutions to take enterprise systems to the next level through a challenging career.

Online IT Programs at GCU

Our online IT programs are designed with the flexibility for you to conveniently learn according to your schedule. We ensure you have the opportunity to gain a quality education.

Computer Science Degrees

GCU offers a computer science degree with emphases in big data analytics, business entrepreneurship or game and simulation development. You will gain a foundation in software applications and multifaceted technology concepts to prepare for the tech needs of the 21st century. GCU’s computer science degree programs help you explore high-volume data management, learn to develop innovative-based business plans or study gaming and simulation development. GCU also offers a computer programming degree which promotes data and software development, along with business entrepreneurship fluency.

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Information Technology Degree

Equipped with an information technology degree, you will possess an in-depth understanding of network platforms and technologies, information assurance and security, cloud-based computing, and IT project management. Your knowledge and analytical skills can improve enterprise systems by boosting performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. You can also take an IT degree with an emphasis in cybersecurity, as well as a bachelor’s cybersecurity degree, where you focus on cyber defense, operations, warfare and how these areas correlate.

IT and Computer Science FAQ’s

What is the difference between an IT degree and computer science degree?

Our computer science programs prepare you to become skilled in computer software architecture, design, and development. You will design and develop tools (e.g. software, operating systems, databases) for end users and IT professionals. Topics in the BS in Computer Science include algorithms, data structures, programming languages, software development and fundamentals of computing systems.

Our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree prepares you to meet the business-driven technology needs of organizations. Combining business theory with technology, the information technology bachelor's degree curriculum focuses on enterprise infrastructures (e.g. networks, servers, databases). You will learn to leverage leading-edge technologies to store, process and transmit data. With a cybersecurity emphasis added to the information technology degree, you will go deeper into the technological concepts and gain a rounded degree that emphasizes the design and defense of network systems and cyber operations to keep data safe.

For more information, explore the STEM degrees offered at GCU.

What can you do with a computer science degree?

GCU’s computer science programs prepare you to affect change in software development and big data analytics, corporate business, and organizations, and video game development. Jobs for those with a BS in computer science include computer systems analyst, database programmer, computer programmer, and software developer. The business entrepreneurship emphasis prepares you to become a computer and information systems manager, geospatial information technologist or web application developer. The game and simulation development emphasis produces graduates who are career-ready for video game development, special effects, computer modeling or software application development.

What can you do with an information technology degree?

With an information technology degree, you learn to apply technology solutions to manage and support an organization. You may pursue a career as an information technology manager, information security specialist, IT project manager, network support specialist, systems administrator or systems integrator. You may also seek a fast-growing IT-related career as a database administrator, network and computer systems administrator, or computer systems analyst. Other areas you may enter after completing an information technology degree include computer network architecture.

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