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Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Worldview Studies

Offered By: College of Theology

Position Yourself for the Potential to Lead by Applying Christian Worldview Studies

The College of Theology at Grand Canyon University offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Worldview Studies for those looking to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith by earning a Christian studies certificate online. This undergraduate certificate program aims to equip you with the knowledge to be able to integrate a Christian vision for the world into your personal and professional life. You will be taught the biblical storyline, an awareness of key figures and themes in the Old and New Testaments, and you will work to gain skills for leading and interacting with others on the basis of a Christian worldview framework.

Earn Your Christian Worldview Studies Certificate Online

While completing your undergraduate certificate, you will be taught about various aspects of a biblical worldview and how it relates to everyday life. You will be taught reasoning related to Christian ethics and a Christian perspective of biblical morality, and will work to develop a capacity to better understand the role of worldviews in shaping values and behavior. At GCU, you have the opportunity to complete your Christian worldview classes online. You will have access to online learning resources to support you as you complete your certificate and can expect the same quality of learning as traditional on-campus programs.

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Christian Worldview Course Topics To Expect

In your undergraduate biblical worldview studies classes, course topics will be covered with the goal of providing you with a comprehensive understanding of a Christian worldview, where it comes from, and how you can apply this view in order to serve others faithfully. Course topics include:

  • Bible study: You will have the opportunity to conduct and survey the entirety of the bible, emphasizing the biblical narrative, gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s kingdom.
  • Christian worldview: You will be taught to analyze and explore the questions that make up a worldview, examine how to answer them through a biblical worldview lens and will work on exploring your own worldview. You can also learn to understand how a worldview can influence perceptions, decision making and everyday life.
  • Christian life: You can be provided with a deeper exploration into the Christian worldview. You will discuss the correlations between a Christian life and one’s true identity, meaning, peace and joy. You will also be taught how to authentically follow Jesus through intentional practices and life together in a community. An emphasis is placed on human value, human dignity and ethical reasoning.
  • Christianity in modern culture: You will be taught to examine principles and methods for faithfully ministering in a “Late Modern” context in a way that is meaningful to those with diverse backgrounds. You will also have the opportunity to understand the influence of Christianity on culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Career Paths With a Certificate in Christian Worldview Studies

With the knowledge you can gain from this program, you may have the ability to teach and guide others to establish and develop their own biblical worldviews, as well as help them understand how to apply their own worldview to modern-day life. You may have the opportunity to lead others in a church organization, teaching them about Scripture interpretation and its relation to a biblical worldview through the role of a religious activities and education director.

Christian Worldview Studies Certificate Program FAQs

If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of your faith and Christian ethics through studying the Christian worldview, read through some frequently asked questions to learn more about this undergraduate certificate.

This undergraduate certificate program may be worth it to those who are looking to gain foundational biblical knowledge, an understanding of Christian life and an ability to engage in a culture with biblical truth. If you seek to authentically follow Jesus in a biblically supported way and to potentially become a leader of change in your community, an Undergraduate Christian Worldview Studies Certificate may be ideal for you.

The time it takes you to complete your certificate may depend on several factors, such as your enrollment status and past college experience. GCU is a transfer-friendly university, and your previous college credits may impact your completion time. To gain a better understanding of a timeline of completion for this undergraduate certificate program, fill out the form on this page to speak with a university counselor.

Those who complete this certificate program can learn to interpret scripture with the ability to teach it to others. After completion of your Christian Worldview studies certificate online, you may have the ability to lead others in their spiritual formations based on biblical and theological principles through various leadership roles in the church or other religious organizations.

To learn more about how to pursue your calling to lead others in the church by earning a Christian worldview studies certificate online, fill out the form on this page.

Total Credits: 16
Online: 7 weeks
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Up to 90 credits, only 84 can be lower division
Online: $410 per credit
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Cost of Attendance

Course List

16 credits
Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course surveys the text of the Bible with emphasis on the overarching biblical narrative, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and God's Kingdom.

Course Description

A worldview acts like glasses through which one views the world. In this course, students explore the big questions that make up a worldview, questions like “Why are we here?” and “What is my purpose?” Students examine how Christians answer these questions and work on exploring their own worldviews, as well as learning how worldview influences one’s perceptions, decision making, and everyday life.

Course Description

This course is an advanced exploration of the Christian worldview that shows how the Christian life provides true identity, meaning, peace, and joy. Students learn how to authentically follow Jesus in a way that will transform their lives through intentional practices and life together in community. Focus is also placed on human value, human dignity, and ethical reasoning in academic studies and careers. Prerequisite: CWV-101, CWV-301, or CWV-106HN.

Course Description

This course examines principles and methods for faithfully ministering within the Late Modern context in a way that is meaningful to people from diverse backgrounds. Attention is given to the influence of Christianity on culture and vice versa during the 20th and 21st centuries as well as issues related to social justice and biblical mercy. Emphasis is placed on North American cultural engagement with apologetic concern and sensitivity to contemporary values.


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