Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership: Higher Education Leadership (Qualitative Research)

Offered By: College of Doctoral Studies


  1. EdD Organizational Leadership: Research - Graduates of Grand Canyon University’s Doctoral Organizational Leadership Program will advance the study of leadership dynamics that drive the field with an in-depth, researched-based approach to facilitate the leader’s abilities and role as a strategic professional.
    • Demonstrate foundational behaviors of a researcher
    • Critically appraise existing research.
    • Apply Research principles in the design of ethical, original, independent research.
    • Design quantitative research.
    • Design qualitative research.
    • Apply data collection principles.
    • Apply data analysis principles.
    • Synthesize results to create insightful findings in research or practice.
    • Produce scholarly and applied writing.
  2. EdD Organizational Leadership: Leadership Theory and Application - Graduates of Grand Canyon University’s Doctoral Organizational Leadership Program will adopt a philosophy of leadership that allows them to be self-leaders who are then able to apply multiple theories and adapt a range of leadership styles for use in diverse situations.
    • Synthesize foundational leadership theories.
    • Integrate theories of change.
    • Analyze the relationship between the leader and the organizational culture.
    • Formulate a personal philosophy of leadership.
    • Critique the effectiveness of communication approaches for diverse recipients.
    • Integrate global leadership thinking with local management application.
  3. EdD Organizational Leadership: Higher Education Leadership Emphasis -
    • Explore the history and politics of higher education.
    • Analyze the governance and structure of higher education institutions including both internal and external frameworks and the leadership practices required in these areas.
    • Analyze the fiscal management of higher education including fund raising and development practices and the leadership skills necessary to retain fiscal integrity.
    • Analyze the development of a comprehensive learning plan in higher education that includes the global development of learners in courses and degree development as well as in the larger element of student life.
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