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Graduate Certificate of Completion in Elementary Education Teacher Preparation

Offered By: College of Education
Total Program Credits & Course Length:
Total Program Credits: 15
Online: 6 weeks
Transfer Credits:
Up to 12 credits or 1/3 of the program
Program Tuition Rate:
Online: $530 per credit. [ More Info ]

What Is an Elementary Education Graduate Certificate?

The College of Education at GCU is proud to offer the Graduate Certificate of Completion in Elementary Education. This program consists of online-only courses and is ideal for provisionally licensed teachers who wish to improve their professional abilities.

This elementary education graduate certificate program focuses on the academic and social development of elementary students. Teacher candidates can apply the knowledge and skills they learn to a wide range of elementary school settings.

Earn Your Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education Online at GCU

GCU’s approach to online education provides a convenient choice for modern teacher candidates. The online classes allow current teachers to learn while working. This certificate program requires 15 credits, and the length of each online course is six weeks.

Every child deserves to be empowered to reach his or her full potential. With that in mind, this program teaches candidates to meet the unique needs of each student. They acquire a keen understanding of:

  • How children grow and develop
  • The different ways that children learn
  • How children develop an inner drive for reaching their potential

Teacher candidates study best practices in instructional methodologies and ways to build a supportive learning environment. Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on differentiating curriculum for classrooms with diverse student populations. Teacher candidates gain a foundational knowledge of objectives, methodologies and assessments, which translates to positive outcomes in the classroom.

Expand Your Knowledge of Learning Concepts

The Graduate Certificate of Completion in Elementary Education encourages collaborative learning, even in an online environment. It also embraces the principles of servant leadership and the Christian worldview. The core courses for this program are:

  • Child and Early Adolescent Development and Psychology
  • Methods of Instruction and Assessment
  • English Language Teaching Foundations and Methods
  • Instruction in Foundational Literacy Skills
  • Creating and Managing Engaging Learning Environments

Each course meets national content standards as well as specialized professional teaching standards. This program blends observational and practice-based experiences. The main learning concepts include:

  • Patterns of learning and development
  • The design and implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical child development
  • Evaluation of assessment data and its use in guiding instruction
  • The achievement of instructional goals through action planning
  • Immersion strategies for English language instruction
  • Early literacy and independent reading skills
  • Print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition
  • Development of student self-motivation
  • Enriching learning environments that encourage collaboration

Through the online coursework, fieldwork and practicums, teacher candidates build foundational knowledge. They also get the chance to enhance their leadership skills. All teacher candidates at GCU are invited to explore placement assistance services to help with career advancement.

The Graduate Certificate of Completion in Elementary Education is currently available in Florida. All applicants must submit a copy of their current teaching license. Alternatively, GCU accepts evidence of at least one year of teaching experience. All applicants must have access to a K-12 classroom in order to successfully complete the program.

Course List

The programs offered at Grand Canyon University may vary by content and course length. You are currently viewing the program version which is available in FL. For information about specific course content, credit length and VA approval in your state, please contact a counselor at 1-855-GCU-LOPE or click here to request more information.
15 credits
Total Degree Requirements:
15 credits

Program Core Courses

Course Description

Teacher candidates survey how children and early adolescents grow and develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas while understanding the implications for designing and implementing developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences. This survey of the seminal concepts, principles, theories, and research related to development of children and young adolescents will allow teacher candidates to build foundational knowledge for constructing learning opportunities that support individual students’ development, acquisition of knowledge, and motivation. Practicum/field experience hours: None. Fingerprint clearance not required.

Course Description

Candidates in this course will develop skills in aligning objectives, instruction, and assessments. Special attention is given to differentiating curriculum for diverse students and using assessment data to guide instruction. Candidates will collaborate with peers and colleagues to achieve instructional goals through action planning. Review of current trends in instruction and assessment are presented to guide instructional decisions with a special focus on the needs of diverse students. Practicum/field experience hours: 10. Fingerprint clearance required.

Course Description

This course presents the historical, legal, theoretical, and sociological foundations of programs of instruction for English language learners. It includes an examination of the role of culture in learning and instructional program models, with a focus on Structured English Immersion. Teacher candidates are instructed in immersion strategies and the use of assessment data. Practicum/field experience hours: 10. Fingerprint clearance required.

Course Description

Teacher candidates examine how to teach foundational skills to develop proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend texts across a range of texts and disciplines. Teacher candidates build additional knowledge regarding print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, and fluency to promote early literacy and independent readers. Practicum/field experience hours: 6.

Course Description

Teacher candidates examine how to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self- motivation. Teacher candidates build foundational knowledge regarding the importance of establishing and maintaining positive collaborative relationships with families, school colleagues, and agencies in the larger community to promote the intellectual, social, emotional, physical growth, and well-being of children. Practicum/field experience hours: 6. Fingerprint clearance required.

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