Graduate Human Factors Psychology Certificate

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Human Factors Psychology

Offered By: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Help Improve Human Experiences With a Human Factors Psychology Certificate

Human factors psychology is a specialized subfield that examines the intersection of psychology and technology. Specialists with this interdisciplinary background may focus on workplace safety, product design, human capabilities and human-computer interactions. If you’re passionate about the promotion of human well-being, smart environmental design and product performance optimization, you might consider pursuing a specialization in human factors psychology at Grand Canyon University.

The human factors certificate for psychology is offered through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In your human factors courses, you will examine the modern theories and evidence-based research of human factors psychology, as well as its many applications in daily life. The graduate certificate program explores the inner workings of the human mind to inform the development of thoughtful products and environments.

The human factors certificate online for psychology is an ideal choice for working professionals who require flexibility as they pursue continuing education options. With GCU’s online learning platform, you can study the course materials from almost anywhere, while interacting with peers and knowledgeable instructors. The human factors courses for psychology are eight weeks in length. A total of 16 credits are required for completion. This graduate-level certificate is also available through evening courses on campus.

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Examine Relationships Between Psychology and Technology

As you work to earn your human factors certificate online, you will be encouraged to employ out-of-the-box thinking while considering the many ways in which applied psychology can improve human interactions with technology and environments. Human-computer interaction, usability, user experience design and product design are all emphasized in this program. You will have the opportunity to explore the effects of environmental cues, information processing and retention, as well as the cognition, perception and sensation of the brain.

In your human factors courses, you will explore the following topic areas:

  • The practical applications of human factors theories and principles
  • The use of visual and auditory senses to receive and process information
  • The application of a human-centered design approach to support best practices in software evaluation and development
  • The theories, research and applications of cognitive psychology as applicable to the human factors specialization

GCU is a private Christian school where you are encouraged to consider the curriculum in light of the Christian worldview, ethics and values. GCU seeks to graduate students who are compassionate servant leaders and ethical decision-makers.

Career Opportunities With a Human Factors Psychology Certificate

As a human factors psychology specialist, you can help make a direct impact on the safety of workers and consumers. The graduate-level human factors certificate for psychology offers you the opportunity to pursue growth in this specialization. Prepare to conduct related research or perform hands-on work in the field. Human factors psychology is a versatile career field with applications across a wide range of settings, including the following:

  • Government agencies
  • Research facilities
  • Office settings
  • All branches of the armed services
  • Private tech companies

This graduate certificate may enhance your career qualifications if you work in a related field. It does not lead to clinical licensure, although it may serve as a starting point for professionals who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree. GCU offers many master’s degrees and doctoral programs in the psychology field.

Earn a Graduate-Level Certificate From an Institutionally Accredited University

GCU is institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Institutional accreditation offers an independent verification of the quality of a school’s instruction, as acknowledged by its peers. When you choose to enroll in the human factors psychology certificate program at GCU, you can look forward to receiving quality instruction from faculty who are knowledgeable in their field.

Human Factors Psychology Certificate FAQs

Whether you already work in human factors psychology or you’re thinking of transitioning, it’s helpful to learn more about the field and the program before deciding whether to continue your education. Browse the following frequently asked questions and answers as you plan your career path.

Human factors is a unique field of psychology in that it does not focus on researching, evaluating or treating individuals with mental health issues. Rather, it aims to boost quality of life for consumers and workers by bringing an understanding of psychological principles to the design of work environments and the creation of consumer products. A human factors psychology specialist may research how people interact with their environments and with products for the purpose of recommending improvements. These recommendations could accomplish anything from supporting worker safety and preventing occupational injuries to designing products that are easier to use.1

People interact with various products and within diverse environments every day. When the principles of human factors psychology are applied, they can help improve worker safety, enhance human-computer interactions, boost worker productivity and even prevent potentially dangerous errors. For example, a specialist in this field might design a highly ergonomic workstation that reduces rates of repetitive stress injuries and worker fatigue.1

You might consider pursuing this credential if you decide you want to transition from another branch of behavioral health into human factors psychology. It can also be a good choice if you’re already working as a human factors psychology specialist and you want to enhance your career qualifications in order to pursue an advanced position. While no certificate program is guaranteed to help you land a specific job, it can be helpful to add more credentials to your resume in order to set yourself apart from other job applicants. In addition, a human factors certificate in psychology is an opportunity to be taught in-depth concepts in the field that may help you work toward more favorable outcomes in the workplace.

Take the opportunity to explore advanced concepts in human factors psychology. Apply today for enrollment in GCU’s human factors certificate online or through evening courses on campus.

Cherry, K., MSEd. (2022, March 8). The Basics of Human Factors Psychology. Verywell Mind. Retrieved July 28, 2023.

Total Credits: 16
Online: 8 weeks
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The University will accept one course of the total certificate requirements in transfer.
Online: $575 per credit [More Info]

Course List

16 credits
Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course is an examination of the practical application of Human Factors theories and principles.

Course Description

This course is an examination of the human ability to receive and process information through visual and auditory senses.

Course Description

This course is a practitioner's guide to a human centered design approach to software development and evaluation.

Course Description

This course is a fundamental examination of cognitive psychology as it applies to human factors.

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