Discover Grand Canyon University

With our commitment to following CDC guidance for safety, GCU has made the thoughtful decision to cancel all upcoming Discover GCU events at this time. We encourage you to participate in our virtual GCU LIVE Experiences to discover campus from your home.

Choosing the right college can be exciting – and overwhelming! It's important to GCU that students feel confident in their decision and happy about their choice. That's why we offer Discover GCU, where you can get the real Lope life experience. Whether you’re visiting from high school, another college, or just beginning on your academic path, we want to make sure that you feel welcome and empowered to make an informed decision for your future!

Discover GCU is an opportunity for you to experience firsthand what it means to be a student at Grand Canyon University. From exploring campus and meeting current students to learning more about our academic offerings, we want you to make an informed decision on whether GCU is the best fit for you!

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What Students Can Expect

Discover GCU provides you with the opportunity to take a campus tour led by a GCU student, meet with an admissions counselor, learn about our various degree programs and attend an informative presentation. During your campus visit, you will also have the chance to dine at popular campus eateries, socialize with other future Lopes and meet current students — plus experience campus life by attending an athletic event, theatre performance and student engagement event or concert. By staying in one of our suite-style residence halls, you will get a feel for our “home away from home.”

Come experience Lope Life to see if GCU is the university where you can feel at home and achieve your academic goals, while preparing for your career. And if you’re visiting from another university or community college, we make it easy to transfer credits and become part of our Herd!

Program-Specific Discover GCU Experiences

GCU wants to help you find your purpose! That’s why we offer two-night, program-specific Discover GCU events where you can explore how your interests, talents and expectations for the future align with a particular major and minor at GCU. The goal of these program-focused events is for you to leave campus confident and excited about the direction you want your future to go in. We want students to be able to dive into their specific program without any uncertainty.

During these events, you will:

  • Learn about your college of interest
  • Identify what degree program matches your aspirations
  • Gain in-depth program information
  • Participate in hands-on activities 
  • Tour campus and experience what it’s like to be a Lope
  • Meet current students in your college of interest and connect with other future Lopes! 

Contact your admissions counselor to find out about available programs and dates.

How to Attend

You must be admissible to GCU to be eligible to attend our all-expenses paid* on-campus experience. A conversation between you and your admissions counselor (and, if applicable, guardians) is required prior to approval of Discover GCU attendance and travel. Your admissions counselor will lead you through the qualification and registration process.

Request more information or contact your admissions counselor today to get started!


Next Steps to Attend Discover GCU

  1. Apply for free to GCU and be accepted.
  2. Talk with your family and admissions counselor to select your preferred Discover GCU event.
  3. Your admissions counselor will submit your travel request on your behalf.
  4. Confirmation on your Discover GCU event will be sent from the GCU Travel Team.
  5. Enjoy your Discover GCU visit!

*Restrictions for travel reimbursement may apply.

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Why Are University Tours Important?

Visiting and touring campus is an opportunity to experience a university firsthand and get a real feel for the college environment.

During a Discover GCU visit, you will experience student life right on campus, tour our state-of-the-art facilities and classroom buildings, gain perspective from current GCU students leading the tour, get valuable information on what it’s like to be a Lope and be a part of the vibrant GCU scene. Afterward, you can reflect on your experience with your family to decide if GCU is the right fit for you.

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