Grand Canyon University Clubs and Organizations

At Grand Canyon University, we understand the value of a well-rounded education – one that allows time for both fun and learning. Pursue an honors program and expand your academic knowledge. Volunteer across local and global communities while expanding the bounds of servant leadership. Balance all of your hard work with lively club activities, from scuba diving to e-gaming to international travel. Whatever your interests, we strive to make every moment of your college experience memorable.

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Club Details

All clubs and organizations, except for honors societies, are open to all students, regardless of major or college. Learn more about all GCU clubs and organizations and view a complete list on Instagram @asgcu.

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Learning Communities

GCU has over 70 clubs and organizations, including 22 learning communities. College-based learning communities provide you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers at GCU who share common academic goals and similar special interests. As part of a goal-oriented learning community, you can network and further personal or professional development through relationship building, peer-to-peer support, and friendship – outside of the classroom.

Students visit the Canyon Nutrition Club table during the Club & Community Fair at the Canyon Activities Center

Student Clubs and Organizations

Beyond the classroom, our student clubs and organizations invite you to enjoy exciting new experiences, build lifelong friendships and let your Lope spirit soar. All clubs and organizations, except for honors societies, are open to all students, regardless of major. Join a club and share your enthusiasm with tomorrow’s colleagues.

  • Academic and Honor Societies: These clubs can grow your academic engagement and knowledge outside of the classroom.
  • Career and Pre-Professional: These clubs can allow you to grow outside of the classroom in your desired profession with potential résumé boosters and hands-on experience.
  • Community and Volunteer: These clubs volunteer and give back to the community.
  • Cultural: These clubs can allow you to connect and learn about cultures around the world.
  • Ministry: These clubs can allow you to learn and grow more in your faith.
  • Outreach and Governmental: These clubs educate others about global, environmental and governmental issues occurring in the world today.
  • Performance, Visual and Fine Arts: These clubs can build creative skills and may allow you to showcase your talents in various performance mediums.
  • Social: These clubs are a way to meet others who share common interests outside of academia.