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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a Christian institution that embraces a biblical worldview which outlines a responsibility to fulfill the Great Commandments which, simply stated, are “to love God and to love our neighbor.” The Multicultural Office looks to provide the university and our community with the support and inclusion that is vital in today’s society.

GCU values the pursuit of truth and finds great understanding in the convergence of viewpoints, backgrounds and ideas. Therefore, we provide an environment where learners can openly discuss and debate to gain understanding. As part of our United by Purpose initiative, the Multicultural Office promotes the importance of positive community impact and encourages others to get involved.

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We are here to provide a means of connection and communication to all so that our vibrant campus community feels engaged and heard through methods of programming and dialogue. 

For questions regarding campus programming, please contact the Multicultural Office at To report issues of discrimination or other community impact instances, please contact the Equity Office at

Multicultural Office Mission Statement

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The mission of the Multicultural Office is to love and serve the GCU community by upholding our Christian perspective to treat every individual with respect and compassion and to provide a means of connection and communication for all. We carry out this mission through events and programming dedicated to areas of multiculturalism, equity and inclusion.

Core Values

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Advocacy
  • Competency

Value Statement

We welcome students from all walks of life, which has contributed to a growing diversity within our population. Our diversity encompasses a multitude of dimensions, including age, disability, national origin, race, color, religion, gender, veteran status and more. We believe that all people, without exception, bear the image of God and have been designed to reflect His love and creativity. Our Christian perspective compels us to treat every individual with respect and compassion. All members of the university community will be welcomed, valued and provided safety in this community.

Finally, diversity not only enriches the educational endeavor, it is critical to it. It will help prepare us for the varied world in which we reside. Maintaining a diverse environment requires a measure of tolerance and understanding commensurate with the dignity and value of all human life.

In sum, GCU values diversity because it values every student and employee entrusted to its care.

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President Mueller Speaks Out on Social Injustices

Button to play video: GCU Chapel with Brian Mueller Aug. 28, 2017

GCU president, Brian Mueller, speaks during Chapel to address what our diverse student and faculty population is doing in order to stand up to social injustices and impact the community around us.

"We have a very powerful Christian community here. We have thousands of students who have God in them, and God is using them in very powerful ways on this campus and in this neighborhood."

Brian Mueller President and CEO, Grand Canyon University

United By Purpose

The transformation of West Phoenix has inspired and touched thousands of lives. The revitalization project by GCU proves that the diversity of our neighborhoods leads to a better community impact.

Button to play video: GCUs United By Purpose Community Transformation

Community Outreach

GCU has an unprecedented commitment to our community that is expressed on a daily basis through a myriad of programs that reflect the university's true spirit. We are committed to our Christian values and the principle of loving our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:39). God has blessed this university so that we can be a blessing to others. We will continue to pour ourselves into the diverse community surrounding our campus through the following programs that are transforming this neighborhood on a daily basis:

  • The GCU Learning Lounge is open daily to provide free one-on-one academic assistance to K-12 students in our neighborhood.
  • Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity has resulted in repairs for dozens of neighborhood families. Our goal is to rehabilitate 800 homes in our community through this comprehensive partnership.
  • The Students Inspiring Students Scholarship program provides local high school students with full-tuition scholarships to attend GCU. Many of these students are first generation college goers who never believed they would have the opportunity to attend college. Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide 200 full-tuition scholarships per year, with a total of 800 total students attending each academic year under this program.
  • We are in the third year of a partnership with Sigma Pi Phi Boule fraternity to provide student scholarships, mentoring and professional speaker forums for our students.
  • We have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last five years into a crime safety initiative that has resulted in a significant reduction in crime in our neighborhood.
  • Since 2004, when the university was near bankruptcy, we have created more than 10,000 full-time, part-time and student worker jobs, with many of these positions filled by a diverse community from the Phoenix metropolitan area.
  • We have created nine businesses to date that are located on our campus or in our neighborhood that are creating jobs and generating a positive economic impact for our community. These businesses include the GCU Hotel, Canyon 49 Grill, GCU Golf Course, The Lope House, Lope Shops, Canyon Promotions, Grand Canyon Beverage Co., Student Ad Agency and Canyon Worship.
  • Finally, the university sends hundreds of faculty and student volunteers to help in important, not-for-profit, community agencies like The Phoenix Dream Center, St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Shelter, Phoenix Rescue Mission and local schools.


GCU proudly supports the research efforts of our learners through our distinct degree programs and curriculum. Some of our learners choose to write about diversity efforts in our neighborhood or in their own communities as part of their dissertations or other research projects. Browse through some of the latest research about the importance of inclusion and its impact.

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