Doctoral Studies and Theology Residencies

Collaborate with Peers and Faculty

Residency is the ideal opportunity to enhance your skills through sustained collaboration with Grand Canyon University (GCU) faculty, doctoral learners and Master of Divinity (MDiv) students in a person-to-person, week-long program. We strategically plan special conferences, professional exchange forums and elective sessions, as well as opportunities to worship and attend Chapel services, in order to offer you vital resources and provide spiritual balance to your educational journey.

Doctoral Writing Retreats

The Dissertation Intensive Writing Retreat is designed to assist all doctoral learners in continuing the development or revision of their prospectus, proposal or final dissertation. An optional retreat, doctoral learners are invited to improve their quality of writing, research and analysis – all while receiving immediate feedback and coaching. 

Doctoral Residency Programs: Higher Learning Level

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) learners are required to attend Residency as part of their degree program. Educational Specialist (EdS) learners who are interested in developing their skills in writing, research, analysis and quality may attend, but are not required. 

During the Doctoral Residency programs, you will work with faculty and staff who are experts in research and the dissertation process to focus on key components to successfully complete your educational journey. During face-to-face and online sessions, you will master the resources available to you and establish the architecture and process that leads to the development of your dissertation while establishing a network of peers for ongoing collaboration and support. 

Master of Divinity Residency

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MDiv students are required to attend weeklong Residencies throughout their educational degree program in order to earn their degree. Each MDiv Residency is strategically designed to further student learning in a conference-style environment at key points within the program of study and provide excellent opportunities for you to work with professors, colleagues, missionaries, ministers and leaders serving in vocational ministry to deepen understanding, enhance skills and cultivate lifelong relationships. The immersive concept for Residency strengthens community relationships and your ability to access tools for ministry and aligns with the dynamic capabilities of GCU’s online programs.

To learn more about our Residency programs and retreats, call 855-GCU-LOPE.

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