Doctoral Journey

The Doctoral Journey

Presented by the College of Doctoral Studies

5 Tips for Teacher Professional Development

Ensuring professional development for busy teachers is almost impossible. Learn 5 quick and easy tips on how to improve teacher development here.

How to Transfer into a New Doctoral Degree

Transferring into a new doctoral degree program can be confusing. Read this article for some tips on how to complete a smooth and easy transfer.

Predictive Trend Spotting For DBA Degrees

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree teaches you that current trends have limited value. Learn how to identify them in this article.

What Is the NASW Code of Ethics?

The NASW Code of Ethics is an important you will learn in the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health.

C-Suite Positions and the DBA

C-Suite Positions and the Doctor of Business Administration are closely associated. Learn more about the kinds of positions that a DBA can prepare you for.

How to Find the Right Editor for Your Dissertation

Hiring an editor is an important step in the doctoral journey. Learn what you should look for in an editor and where to use unprofessional editing.

Why You Should Consider Earning a PhD

Grand Canyon University’s doctoral programs can prepare you to take on challenges in the work environment while helping you continue your passion for your field. Created in collaboration with...

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is essential for success in doctoral programs. Learn about these seven mistakes to avoid in your work/life balance.

3 Tips to Thrive in a Doctoral Program

Pursuing a doctorate program is a rigorous long-term commitment. The following three tips will help you thrive as a learner throughout your program.

What Is a Doctor of Business Administration – Management?

Learn about the DBA in Management at Grand Canyon University, which combines innovative business practices with strategic management.

About The Doctoral Journey

Grand Canyon University’s innovative doctoral degree programs prepare learners for leadership roles in their professions, communities and society. A dynamic online learning community, unique dissertation process, wealth of resources and collaborative environment support a successful and meaningful doctoral journey. Readers of The Doctoral Journey blog, presented by the College of Doctoral Studies, will find resourceful posts regarding doctoral programs, research best practices and unique dissertation process, plus other knowledgeable contributions from GCU’s doctoral faculty and experts.

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