Doctoral Journey

The Doctoral Journey

Presented by the College of Doctoral Studies

What Is a Doctor of Business Administration – Management?

Learn about the DBA in Management at Grand Canyon University, which combines innovative business practices with strategic management.

Evening and Online PhD in General Psychology

Earning a PhD in General Psychology will open up doors to many different fields. You can choose an emphasis in several different fields, making each learner’s experience unique. The PhD in General...

Evening and Online EdD in Organizational Leadership

Learn about Grand Canyon University's Evening and Online EdD in Organizational Leadership degree, along with its many emphases:

3 Theories in Adult Learning

Explore the andragogy, transformative and experiential theories of adult learning. Earn your EdD online at GCU.

4 Signs You’re Ready to Earn Your PhD

"Grand Canyon University’s doctoral degree is not easy but if you are going to do it, you have to fully commit to sticking it out. There will be times when you want to give up but don’t do it! Get...

5 Tips for Writing Your Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation process only begins after sending in a good proposal. Learn these 5 tips for writing your dissertation proposal:

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Doctoral Journey

The doctoral programs at Grand Canyon University provide rewarding experiences and opportunities that will prepare its graduates for leadership in their field. Many learners beginning their program...

How Do I Publish My Dissertation?

At the end of the doctoral journey, graduates are encouraged to publish their dissertation. Publishing the dissertation enables graduates to advance their academic career and establish valuable...

What Is an EdD in Organizational Leadership – Organizational Development?

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership is a prestigious degree program offered by the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University. Several emphasis options are available to...

3 Key Differences Between an MBA and a DBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) appear very similar at first glance, but they are actually different degrees that aim at different things....

About The Doctoral Journey

Grand Canyon University’s innovative doctoral degree programs prepare learners for leadership roles in their professions, communities and society. Our dynamic online learning community, integrated dissertation process, wealth of resources and collaborative environment support a successful and meaningful doctoral journey. We believe earning a doctoral degree is a journey and similar to climbing a mountain—challenging, invigorating and completely rewarding when you reach the top. Our goal is to help you conquer your own mountain and succeed on your doctoral journey. Readers of The Doctoral Journey blog, presented by the College of Doctoral Studies, will find resourceful and knowledgeable posts regarding the doctoral process, research best practices and dissertation tips among other topics from GCU’s doctoral faculty.

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