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Anna Faith Smith
Associate Professor, College of Theology
"After Anna Faith Smith earned her BA in English and a secondary teaching certificate at GCU, she continued her education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. She completed an MDiv with biblical languages and then performed additional work in bilingual/bicultural education at Ottawa University. Anna Faith has taught Spanish and English for Speakers of Other Languages at Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, TX. She then taught Spanish at Dallas Baptist University. Finally, she returned to GCU as a Spanish instructor in 1990. After several appointments in foreign language, international studies, and Christian studies, Anna Faith became the Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at GCU and then assumed the same position at the College of Arts and Sciences. Starting in January 2012, she became the Assistant Dean for the College of Christian Studies. When the College of Theology was established, she became Associate Dean and served for a time as Interim Dean. She has also served on many committees relating to faith and discipline, assessment, adult and experiential learning, university foundations, general education, and curriculum. In 2020 she returned to the classroom as a full-time Associate Professor of Christian Worldview and Missions.

Anna Faith values her interaction with students because the teacher is constantly challenged to keep learning more and growing as a leader/role model. Watching students learn and grow is motivating and she finds that transparency and warmth in conversation usually helps students build trust and take risks. That trust in a safe and reassuring environment helps the students to stretch and grow. When she has time, she loves to bake, make candies, sing, play the piano, and read for fun. Anna Faith also loves to travel internationally, having been to over 30 countries. She often teaches English or provides another service while she is traveling and this allows her to see more than a tourist would typically see in the country."

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