Daniel Diffey, PhD

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Grand Canyon Theological Seminary

Dr. Diffey serves as Associate Professor of Old Testament within the College of Theology at GCU. He has his BA in History, completed an MDiv in Christian Ministry, and earned a PhD in Old Testament before becoming a professor. His interests are in the area of Old Testament and biblical theology. He is married to Anne and has three children.

Faculty Spotlight

I would say that we need to be people who speak the truth in love and that we need to focus on making disciples.  Often times Christians are great at being loving, but we do not always share the whole truth because we are afraid of what people may think of us.  At other times we are great at telling the truth, but the message is delivered without genuine and sincere love for others who are created in the image of God.  We need to walk the delicate line of doing both.  In doing this the church should not forget that our primary goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19).

I would say that I am most passionate about two things.  First, all believers need to be connected to a local church and need to be practicing their spiritual gifts for the common good.  God equips his church with people who have a myriad of gifts so that they can function together.  Second, I am passionate about helping people to read, understand, and live the message of the Bible.  One of the great tragedies of our day is biblical illiteracy.

It is crucial that we all read and live the message of the Bible.  When you read the Bible do not do so for simply a head-knowledge so that you can show off.  Instead, humbly try to be transformed by God’s word to His people.  I have noticed that at times we can all be passionate about a lot of things.  While being passionate is good, it always needs to be complemented with humility and wisdom.  And in the end I want all of my students to let God be who He is.  When we read the Bible we need to submit to who God is and how He has revealed himself.  We need to worship God for who He is and not for who we may want Him to be.

Daniel Diffey
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