Justin McLendon, PhD

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I am married to my best friend, Christie, and together we are doing our best to keep up with our three busy children. My wife and I both were raised in central Mississippi, and although we did not meet until college, we had similar upbringings. I was raised in a Christian home, and from an early age I can remember developing a love for the local church. I genuinely love the local church. I have been blessed to serve as youth pastor and pastor in three churches. In addition, I have been privileged to serve on numerous mission trips throughout Europe, Africa, and South America. I enjoy being with my family, reading, and cheering on the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Don’t substitute rigorous academic study and training for daily devotion. From my perspective, academic settings can challenge the brain but harden the heart if one does not remain grounded in who Christ is and how we know Him in the Bible. My advice is for students to realize the relationship between devotion and academic ambition, but also to realize their differences. If we lose one for the other, we sacrifice the integrity of both.

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