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Mark Reha
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Technology
My professional background after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from DeVry University started in 1982 where I spent almost 35 years in Embedded Systems development, Windows development, Enterprise development, Enterprise architecture, and Technical Management. I worked professionally for 10 years in embedded systems programming using 8086, 80186, 6502, z80, and 8051 embedded micro-controllers, using both assembly and the C programming languages. I have witnessed the birth of the PC, the birth of Windows and Linux, the birth of the Internet, and the birth of the mobile platform. All of which are now totally engrained into the working environment and our daily lives. I have also held numerous architecture titles and managed a number of software development teams.

I have been a full-time faculty member at GCU since 2016 and also an Assistant Professor and Program Chair in the Bachelor of Science in Software Development (BSSD) program and the Masters of Science in Software Development (MSSD) program. At GCU, I have taught C++, Java, and PHP programming languages, along with full web stack development using Enterprise Java, Spring Boot Framework, .NET MVC, Laravel PHP, mobile application development using Android, and JavaScript development using jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, Express, and NodeJS. I also teach the Operating System Concepts, Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems, and the Senior Capstone Project courses. I have designed many of the technical course in the BSSD program. Prior to joining GCU, I spent three years as an adjunct instructor at a community college and technical university where I taught the C#, Java, and C programming languages, along with Digital Electronics, Android development, and the Senior Capstone Project.