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Quin Jackson
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Quin Jackson is currently a sophomore at Grand Canyon University studying advertising and public relations with a minor in business. She is from Cleveland, Ohio, though she was born in Kansas and also lived in Virginia for a period of time. Quin loved her freshman year at GCU, and feels very excited and blessed to be starting her second year. She is also newly involved on leadership in Local Outreach on GCU’s campus, serving on the Habitat for Humanity team. In her free time, Quin enjoys being with her friends and visiting all the sights to see out west, from the beaches of San Diego to the beautiful rock formations in Zion, Utah.

Spotlight Questions:
Originating from Cleveland, I get asked quite often what prompted me to attend GCU and move out to Phoenix. My family and I usually visit Arizona about once a year to spend time with extended family that live in the Phoenix area. It was second semester of my senior year of high school when my immediate family and I were in town for a visit and we stumbled upon GCU’s campus. That day I received an impromptu tour of the school and a personal meeting with a university counselor. Things began to fall into place, and before I knew it, I was enrolled as a student. This decision was a big one, but an easy one to make. I have always felt at such peace with my college decision, and GCU has become a place that I have learned to call home. I could never imagine myself at any other school!

I believe that I, as well as many other students, serve several roles at GCU. We are students, some of us employees, along with members of whatever extracurricular activities or clubs that we have chosen to be involved in. The newest role I have taken on is a servant leadership position within Local Outreach. This has been an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Spiritual Life. I think what I enjoy most about this role is the community behind Local Outreach and sharing the same passions as the other students in Local Outreach. From volunteering with welcome week, to each team’s weekly ministries, I am continually humbled and impressed by each student and their devotion to this department and its mission. I have learned so much from my peers within Local Outreach, as well as our ministry head leaders and department leads.

I believe the Gospel and the story of Jesus Christ is not only an accurate telling of history, but the sole reason I am saved and able to pursue a relationship with God. I believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross for my sins, and through that I have been given forgiveness and a new life in Him. For those reasons, the Gospel has drastically shaped my life. Jesus is a game changer, and because of what He has done for us, my life turned from self-serving to God-serving. Through Jesus’s teachings, we are shown how to live for the Lord, and how to seek after Him and His plan for our lives. I fail Jesus daily, momently even, and yet He continues to love me and forgive me. He will never refuse us that forgiveness and love, and out of thankfulness and reverence, I will dedicate my life to Him and His plan for my life.


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