5 Soft Skills for Future Lawyers

Lawyer at work

Soft skills are the handful of the traits that a future lawyers, policymakers and professionals in any field need to be successful. Complex communication and ethical dilemmas are just a few of the situations that soft skills handle. Here are a few ways lawyers demonstrate soft skills that set them apart.

Traits You Will Find in the Best Lawyers

1. Integrity

A great lawyer must be honest and trustworthy. Clients, judges and juries are depend on the integrity of a forthright lawyer. The law requires people to work with candor and transparency. This is out of respect for the legal process and for all those involved in cases.

2.  Empathy

In order to do the best for their clients, a great lawyer knows how to empathize. This means they can understand people’s attitudes and consider situations from multiple points of view. That ability also helps them drive toward conflict resolution during arbitration and in legal proceedings.

3.  Humility

Lawyers who make other people around them feel inadequate are not highly sought-after. Clients want lawyers who can explain things in simple terms and avoiding legal jargon where possible. A lawyer who can relate to clients can meet the needs of a wide variety of people. A humble lawyer may be the smartest person in the room, but they will never act as if they are better than anyone.

4.  Persistence

Lawyers who sit in their offices and wait for information to come to them do not win many cases. Instead, the lawyers who persevere are the ones who generally see the outcome they wish to achieve for their clients. They do so by remaining calm and working to keep investigations moving forward. They do not let setbacks deter their goals.

5. Attention

A great lawyer is a great listener. They listen to what their clients are saying and try to dig into a deeper understanding. Additionally, a great lawyer pays close attention to detail in the courtroom by reading a jury and gauging nonverbal cues.

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