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What Is the Separation of Powers?

The separation of powers is crucial for the integrity of American democracy. GCU explores its historical roots and current manifestations.

4 Duties Carried Out by Paralegals

Paralegals take on varied responsibilities, including research, writing legal documentation, and secretarial duties. The details of a paralegal’s duties varies based on the type of type of work their...

3 Differences Between Civil Law and Criminal Law

There are many career opportunities in justice studies. Learn about these three differences between civil law and criminal law:

5 Soft Skills for Future Lawyers

Soft skills are the handful of the traits that a future lawyers, policymakers and professionals in any field need to be successful. Complex communication and ethical dilemmas are just a few of the...

Ethical Guidelines for Professional Mediators

Disputes are an inevitable part of life. There are disputes related to business and corporate law, family law and neighbor boundaries, just to name a few. Conflicts can be stressful, but resolving...

3 Modern Theories of Victimology

Victimology is the study of crime victims. It’s a subset of criminology, the study of crime. People who study victimology, or victimization, examine the psychological effects of crimes on the victims,...

Basic Principles in International Relations

No country exists in a total vacuum (not even closed-off nations like North Korea). For all countries, international relations are crucial for forming alliances, solving problems that transcend...

What It’s Like Being a Legislative Aide

Elected representatives are the public face of Congressional politics. They meet with constituents and fellow politicians, give interviews, lobby for legislation and participate in political debates....

What Sort of Jobs are Available with the FBI?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a mandate to uphold the U.S. Constitution and protect the American people. The agency accomplishes these goals with diverse teams of professionals from...

Some of the Basics in Criminal Procedure

Students at GCU pursuing a justice studies degree will learn about criminal procedure. This refers to the set of rules governing how the government enforces criminal law. The basis for criminal...

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