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How to Prepare for Law School in College

Law school can be challenging and different from most undergraduate experiences. This article shares how to be the best pre-law student you can be.

Lessons in Leadership From History

Read about some of the great leaders that you may study in a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program.

What You Need to Know About Joining a Police Force

Joining a police force is a demanding process made to recruit the best candidates. Learn about important steps in the hiring process for police officers.

Why You Should Become a History Teacher

Consider how a fascination with fictional stories may be a great reason for you to become a history teacher.

Why You Should Become a History Major

History degrees encourage students to row and mature as thinkers, gaining important personal and professional skills needed for a wide range of careers.

What Is the Separation of Powers?

The separation of powers is crucial for the integrity of American democracy. GCU explores its historical roots and current manifestations.

4 Duties Carried Out by Paralegals

Paralegals take on varied responsibilities, including research, writing legal documentation, and secretarial duties. The details of a paralegal’s duties varies based on the type of type of work their...

3 Differences Between Civil Law and Criminal Law

There are many career opportunities in justice studies. Learn about these three differences between civil law and criminal law:

5 Soft Skills for Future Lawyers

Soft skills are crucial traits that professionals use to communicate. Learn about these five traits that you will find in the best lawyers.

Ethical Guidelines for Professional Mediators

Disputes are an inevitable part of life. Learn about the role of mediators in settling disputes and the ethical guidelines they follow.

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